Police: Man Shoots, Kills Himself During Traffic Stop

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OWENS CROSSROADS, Ala. (WHNT) – A man shot himself Wednesday morning as police pulled him over in Owens Crossroads.

Huntsville Police say officers were checking traffic near Taylor Road due to several complaints about speeding in the area.  Officers stopped a vehicle that ran a stop sign near Taylor Road.

Harry Hobbs, spokesperson for Huntsville Police, said the officer reported the driver pulled his car off of Taylor Road onto Cove Valley Drive.  As the officer drove up to the vehicle, he saw the man pull out a gun and shoot himself.

The man died at the scene.  Police say the officer was not involved in any way.

Goldsmith Schiffman Elementary, which is a short distance away, locked down briefly as a precaution while police secured the scene.

The man was 53 years old and lived in Owens Crossroads.  Police have notified his family of his death.


  • Karen

    So sad, praying for the family as they deal with not only this man’s death but the fact that he willingly took his life away from them

  • James

    a furloughed government employee, by any chance. Many of us are feeling despair from the instability of working for the government these days. No amount of Army Suicide Prevention can prevent what happens when you feel like your employer screws you over.

    • bob

      you, live by the government, you die by the government. the house, senate, boma, could care less about the people that are working ,but they will take care of the low information voters, that are in the wagon.

  • bob

    Sorry ,I was not talking about the guy who snuffed himself out. I was commenting on the government and how it ,handles the wagon people ,that live off the government.( ie tax payers)

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