Drivers Scared Of Madison County Intersection

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - In Madison County, busy Jeff Road comes to an end at Toney Road. Drivers on Jeff have to turn right or left.  The problem is, drivers on Jeff Road have a hard time seeing oncoming traffic on Toney Road.

"Literally, you have to pull out into the road to see if someone is coming," says Tricia Cook.

Drivers on Jeff Road have their vision blocked on the left by the low-hanging branches of a large oak tree. On the right, there's what appears to be an abandoned house, and a row of trees, bushes and weeds that blocks vision. "I'm really scared to be honest with you. You never know what's coming around the corner," says Sherry Woodard.

The vision problem at the intersection is definitely made worse on the right by traffic on Toney Road coming around a curve. On the left drivers are coming over a hill, and a stopped driver at the intersection has just a few seconds to act. "Every time I come out, I try to speed up, because I don't see a car till I look in my rear view mirror," says Sherry.

She was just one of the drivers we saw trying to floor their gas pedal to accelerate through a turn.  Sherry says she's depending on luck at the intersection, and obviously that's not safe.

WHNT News 19 is Taking Action to make sure Madison County officials understand just how bad the situation is at the intersection. Trimming a tree branch, or even cutting down a couple of trees is a small price to pay for safety.