Pets Dyed in Alabama, Auburn Colors to Show Team Pride

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(CNN) - You may have an Alabama or Auburn collar for your dog - maybe even a shirt or sweater for them.  But some people take it much farther to show their team pride.

In Talladega County, Alabama, the president of an elite group of pet stylists and groomers has dyed one of her poodles to show Crimson Tide pride.  The poodle's white fur was dyed red, and her ears are black. There's also white lettering on her body, including the Alabama 'A.'

Oona, the poodle, loves all the attention.  Her owner, Bullet Brown, is the president of the National Association of Professional Creative Groomers, an elite group that uses safe, animal friendly products.

People could have their picture taken with Oona to raise money for the local dog shelter.  Brown also closes once her business month to groom shelter dogs in Sylacauga, to try to help them get adopted.

Auburn fans, there's a dog for you too!  In Birmingham, Dr. Andy Sokol is a veterinarian and a die-hard Tiger fan.

His groomers turned his dog, Popeye, into a tiger -- hair color and all.

Not to worry, the dye is made out of vegetables.

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