One Arrest In Lincoln County Moonshine Bust

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FAYETTEVILLE, Tenn.(WHNT)-The unmistakable fragrance of moonshine led sheriff's deputies to an arrest in Lincoln County, Tennessee.

Lincoln County Sheriff Murray Blackwelder said his deputies discovered a moonshine still belonging to David Beatovic while they were conducting a drug bust in the north end of the county. Three barrels were discovered nearly filled with mash, indicating that the still was not active, but had been recently operated.

Sheriff Blackwelder told WHNT News 19 that the suspect cooperated with investigators, and that there is no evidence that a black market moonshine ring is involved. Blackwelder said it was the first moonshine bust he could remember in seven years on the job.

"It's not something you go looking for, you just don't expect it," said Blackwelder. "It was a crude setup when you get right down to it. I wouldn't want to drink the moonshine that came out of it...I don't think it was a big business as far as big business is concerned. I think he was just doing his own thing."

Blackwelder said Beatovic cooperated with his deputies. The Tennessee Alcohol and Beverage Control Board is now handling the investigation.

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