Maple Hill Cemetery To Acquire Neighboring Private Burial Ground

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Huntsville's oldest and largest cemetery will soon be acquiring more than 7 acres of privately owned land.

It is part of a deal struck by the Huntsville City Council and the owners of Maple Hill Cemetery, Inc., the burial grounds bordering three sides of the Maple Hill Cemetery.

The deal will not cost the city anything, however the owners of Maple Hill Cemetery Inc. have offered the city $1.3 million for future upkeep of the grounds.

City leaders say it is a great deal, but the people who really serve to benefit from acquisition are those whose loved ones are buried at Maple Hill. Joy McKee, Director of Maple Hill Cemetery, says this deal offers them peace of mind knowing their husbands, wives, or children will be taken care of in their place of rest.
"They don't have any more lots and we want it maintained at the same level it is now," said McKee. "[The owners of Maple Hill Cemetery, Inc.] have always done a great job up to this point, but at some point if they're not around we want to make sure that Maple Hill looks the same in every section."

Maple Hill Cemetery was started in the 1980s by Huntsville attorney Joe Ritch and two business partners.

The council is expected to approve the property transfer in an upcoming meeting.

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