Getting Results On Huntsville Road Problem

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - In busy traffic areas, even a small road problem can be dangerous. That was the situation on Huntsville's South Memorial Parkway, just south of the Sonic restaurant.  On one of the many roads that enter the Parkway there was a hole right next to the road. It was obvious that many a right-turning driver had the misfortune to put a tire in the hole. It looked dangerous. "I think it could be if a small car hit it. It'd either tear it up, or it might pull them off to the side into the guard rail," said Chase Guest, who saw the situation every day.

It wasn't just hitting the hole that appeared to be dangerous.  Drivers trying to make sure they missed it would swing wide as they made their right hand turn. Swinging wide often took them into the next traffic lane. On the Parkway with its heavy traffic, swinging into the next lane certainly a problem. "I think it should be filled," said Chase Guest.

We thought so too, and that's why we took action and discussed the situation with both the state and city of Huntsville. Huntsville responded first and filled the hole. Where there was once a tire-grabbing pit, there's now asphalt.  "I think it's good y'all did what you had to do to get it fixed. I mean it needed to be fixed. It could have caused a lot of problems," says Chase Guest.

Bottom line, one small road problem has been fixed. The Parkway is just a little safer to drive. An example of why we take action for you, every chance we get.