Pro-Life Group Challenges Crestwood Medical Center

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Protesters held a small rally Monday at Crestwood Medical Center to kick off an anti-abortion campaign.

“The goal today is to highlight the start of our campaign,” said Father James Henderson, the spokesman for the group.

And that’s important to note.  This is just a kick-off event of sorts, an announcement, not the whole deal.

Less than a dozen protesters showed up, including State Senator Shadrack McGill.  But protesters say if demands aren’t met, they’ll turn to fill this sidewalk by the hundreds.

“We are formally asking that they cut the ties with the local abortion clinic and end the admitting privileges for the abortion doctors,” said Henderson.

We did hear from Crestwood Medical Center.  They say,

“The hospital does not control what independent physicians, licensed by the State of Alabama, do or do not do in their private practice.

“As we have said previously when confronted with similar misstatements, we would like to reaffirm that abortions are not performed at Crestwood Medical Center.  Further, there is no formal nor informal connection between the Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives and Crestwood Medical Center.

“Should such inaccurate and inappropriate references to Crestwood Medical Center continue, we will take the necessary legal actions available to us to protect the good name and reputation of the facility, its medical staff and its employees.”

Still, these protesters won’t back down.  They say they’ll be back with more people, more signs, and more ways to spread the word.  They say they’ve been patient enough.

“Our group had a meeting with Dr. Hudson last year about this same request, and nothing came of it,” said Henderson.

It seems like now they’re ready to set an ultimatum.  The protesters say they’ll begin their efforts in earnest near the end of October if their demands aren’t met.

Crestwood administrators say they will take legal action to protect their name and reputation.

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