Alabama Fans Thrilled With Win Over Aggies

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- The Alabama Crimson Tide players weren't the only ones out for blood on Saturday.  It's a known fact Alabama fans love nothing more than their Crimson Tide football. But, if you had an opportunity to make history and grab a third National Championship in a row...wouldn't you be too?

"Revenge, revenge, and we got it," said Dianne Hank, an Alabama fan. For Hank, the match up against the Aggies was a much better turn-out than their last meeting.

"Last year was a second half game," said Chris Fason. "This year it was a first half game, we put things together and it really showed up."

Fason said he could see a world of difference between the team that played on Saturday from the team that faced off two weeks ago with Virginia Tech in the Georgia Dome. "There was a lot of improvement from our offensive line, and from our defensive backs to the linebackers to the secondary," he said. "As far as doing what we had to do to stop Manziel."

Of course. We can't forget about "Johnny Football."

"Maybe he needs some coaching like many of us do when we're 18, 19 years old." said Fason. "Most of us need coaching during that time, some of us need coaching when we're 25 or 30!" Manziel must have gotten some kind of coaching.  His class clown behavior didn't seem to be an issue Saturday.

"I think the Texas A&M coaching staff has done a wonderful job as far as helping him and coaching him in his life decisions," he said. "There was a much different person in the Alabama game than there was in the last Texas A&M game as far as the money signs and the personality that came out."

Maybe it was CBS's "Johnny Cam," an entire camera dedicated to watching Manziel. Maybe it was because the Crimson Tide couldn't shake their loss to the Aggies last year. Whatever it was, they were fired up.

And like all SEC games, it kept you wanting more. "There's not many SEC football games that are blow outs," said Scott Sanders. "That's what I like, I like to be on the edge of my seat, down to the wire, that's SEC."