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UPDATE: Natural Gas Line Hit in Priceville; All Clear Given

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PRICEVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - WHNT News 19's crew on the scene has learned that authorities have given the all clear and the leak has been stopped.

The Priceville fire chief confirmed to WHNT that sirens went off on Wednesday evening, alerting residents to the leak.  Crews have clamped the gas line, stopping the leak.

According to authorities on the scene, utility crews were drilling to put a new pole when the line was hit.  They have not been able to find the cut off for the line yet.

Highway 67 has been reopened to traffic.

Wheeler Basin Natural Gas Company released this information to the public:

"Wheeler Basin Natural Gas Company (WBNG) reports that a contractor cut
into  it's 4" natural gas line along HWY 67 in Priceville,
earlier this evening.  WBNG work crews are onsite to make repairs and
emergency personnel are redirecting traffic.  Citizens are advised to
avoid the area until repairs are completed.  WBNG adds odorant to it's
natural gas that may contribute to the strong smell of rotten eggs in
the area."