Wrestling Reinstated In The Olympics, Young Athletes Celebrate Their Dream

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) --  A vote on Sunday morning means wrestling will be back in the 2020 Olympics. For some local athletes, the news means a dream can become a reality.

They say wrestling takes hard work, determination, and perseverance to be successful. They say you can't come out on top unless you work at it.

'They' of course, are the athletes who love the sport.

Daishun Mitchell is one of those athletes. He's a freshman at Bob Jones High School in Madison. He's an underclassman, but he already has titles to boast. Mitchell started wrestling in seventh grade when his mom put him into a league. "So I just asked her, 'can I do it, can I do it?' and she said 'yeah, go ahead'," Mitchell says.

Immediately he says he fell in love with the sport, and right about then is when the dream started. "I think it was last year or a few years ago, Jordan Burroughs won, and my mom said someday when you win that you can say you saw him a while back and that's what I've been looking forward to."

Since then every practice, every workout has been geared toward going to the Olympics one day.

When the decision came to take the sport out of the games a few months ago, head wrestling coach Jason Edwards says it was hard to see his team deal with it. "Just to watch the hard work and perserverance that these kids put in everyday, just to be good in their local level, to think about taking that away on the worldwide scale, is ludicrious."

So the decision to bring the ages-old sport back brings those dreams back too.

A dream Mitchell says he shares with many of his peers.  "I hope to one day be there, somebody on our team hopes to be there someday."

It'll be years yet, but Mitchell says it's a goal he's serious about.

He says now, it's a goal that can become a reality.

"Someday," he says.

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