Pregnant Woman Catches 226 Pound Swordfish Near Orange Beach

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ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (CNN) - A soon-to-be new mother has two reasons to celebrate:
the upcoming birth of her son next month and the biggest catch of her life.

Hannah Kelly caught a huge fish off the Alabama coast.

On one end of the line, a 226 pound swordfish.  At the other, a 125 pound, eight months pregnant mother-to-be.

"I heard one of the rods click, start taking drag, started making noise and getting up," said Bobby Kelly, her husband, who runs the charter fishing boat. "And next thing I know 'little bit's' got the rod and in the chair ready to roll."

"I looked at one of the guys and said they're suppose to fight a lot?" Hannah Kelly said.  "And they're like, 'Well sometimes, it just depends.' He comes up and I could see him shimmer because we had the lights on and I could see the shimmer of his body and then I guess he didn't realize he was hooked and then down he went and the battle began."

That battle lasted two and a half hours before Hannah hauled in the biggest fish of her life.
"He is boated, Batman."

"Any minute I was expecting her to go, 'my water broke.'," husband Bobby said.

"Eight months pregnant. That's what I'm talking about!" someone on the boat said in the video.

"I was shocked he was so big...Very shocked," Hannah said.

The day after, she is sore and achy and the talk of the town.

"All my friends Facebook and they were like what were you thinking? Are you crazy?" Hannah said.  "I was like, No, it was perfect. We couldn't have asked for a better trip."

Quite a fish tale to tell the little one and what a catch for the captain, and we're not talking about the fish.

"I definitely married the toughest woman in the world without a doubt," Bobby Kelly said.  "Biggest swordfish I've ever seen."

The Kellys will welcome their son Parker into the world next month.

-Story by WKRG