Would-be Robber Reportedly Meets Iraq Vet, Loaded Gun Instead

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Image Courtesy: News-Leader.com

A would-be robber likely got a major shock when attempting to rob a liquor store.

News-Leader.com of Springfield, Missouri reports Jon Lewis Alexander, 54, stopped the robbery in Marionville about 9 p.m. Sunday — after the would-be crook pulled his weapon.

The news outlet calls Alexander “A veteran of four tours in Iraq. A 30-year military man. A former prison guard, private investigator, professional extraditor of federal prisoners and — perhaps most important on this particular Sunday night — a proud owner of a Walther PPX 9 mm handgun.”

Surviellence video reportedly shows just how fast Alexander was on the draw. In one smooth and super-fast motion, he pushes the would-be robber’s handgun away and swings out his own handgun – putting it directly in the man’s face.

Read more and watch the video here at News-Leader.com.