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Moon Jellyfish Spotted All Over in Orange Beach

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ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WKRG) - It's enough to scare swimmers out of the ocean - seeing jellyfish all around you.

People in Orange Beach say they're seeing more than usual this year.

Many of the jellyfish showing up are moon jellies, and only give off a mild sting.

"Moon jellies are here all the time, it's a normal thing," said Kelly Reetz, a naturalist at Gulf State Park.  "They're pretty much harmless.  If you touch them, there's a mild sting, it doesn't really hurt that bad."

"Some folks that don't get down this way and see that or don't live here they freak out when they see it, but it's a pretty normal event this time of year," said one local.

Meanwhile, urgent care centers in the area reported an increase in treating jellyfish stings over the Labor Day holiday weekend.