Holt’s Son, Daughter-in-Law Talk About Losing Father in Fayetteville Wreck

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WHNT) - Family members of Henry Holt, Sr. talked about losing their father in a wreck August 31 in Fayetteville.

Misty Shelton is accused of stealing a Fayetteville police car after being arrested in the parking lot of Dollar General on Huntsville Highway.

Holt's family is suing Shelton, the City of Fayetteville, the Fayetteville Police Department and the arresting officer.

The family spoke Thursday, September 5 in Nashville about their loss.

"She took my Daddy. She took alot," said Henry Holt, Jr.

He talked about what it has been like losing his father so suddenly.

"Very tragic. It's just different. We're used to him always being there, being able to call on him for anything," said Henry Holt, Jr. "He's always been there, and now he's not."

Holt's wife Elizabeth, Henry Holt Sr.'s daughter-in-law, also spoke.

"[He was] our friend, someone that's always been there no matter what.  Nothing can ever bring him back. We've been having to plan a funeral for someone that didn't deserve to be where they're at now.  He was way too young."

"She took a father, a Paw-Paw.  There are so many heartbroken children that are in this.
She just stripped us of everything."

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