Family Of Section High Student Killed In Last Week’s Crash Working For A Change

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RAINSVILLE Ala., (WHNT) -- The family of one of the Section High School teens killed in a crash last week is working to turn tragedy into a change.

It's been one week since Kymber McBride and Jordan Hooper both died in the Rainsville crash. Rainsville police say Hooper lost control of his truck, and crashed into trees on the side of Carter street.

He died on scene and McBride died at an area hospital.

Since then, there's been several questions about that stretch of the road's safety. Police say that accident isn't the first, and it's a place where they catch drivers speeding far too fast.

Kymber McBride's family and close friends say she would have done anything to save a life.

But her's was taken from her.

So they're doing what they can to make it remembered - and make a change.

One of McBride's best friend Ceecee Moreno is  helping the family with a project she says her friend would have been proud of.  "The trust fund is to get the roads flattened out and stuff, and it would mean a lot to me and Kymber and her family," Moreno says.

They're working to start a trust fund in the teens' names. The money they raise will go straight to changing that stretch of road where Hooper and McBride died. They say they want to flatten out the hills, add speed bumps and more speed limit signs.

Moreno says this is something McBride would have done if she were here.  "To save more lives. Teenagers or anybody going on this road, going fast right here," she says.

The trust fund is in the early stages, but McBride's family say they hope soon, they'll have enough money to make a change - and hopefully prevent tragedy from occurring in the same place.

"It would mean a lot ot everybody," Moreno says.

The family tells WHNT News 19 they're trying to talk to officials from area banks to find one to host the trust fund.

Rainsville Police say there will be more officers patrolling that area from now on, to catch speeders.