Huntsville Driver Says Curve Causes Wrecks

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If there's a dangerous spot on Capshaw Road in Huntsville, it's the S-curve between Nance Road and Wall Triana Highway. Capshaw is busy, and getting busier, and the curve presents drivers with a problem. "People speed through it, and sometimes it's reckless," says Rachel West.

Rachel has had her own problem on this stretch of road. On a day when it was raining, she lost control of her car. "I'd taken the curve almost every single day, and I thought I was going to be okay. My tires, they didn't agree with that, and I ended up going into a ditch," says Rachel. She adds that another driver had actually wrecked at nearly the same time she did, in the ditch on the opposite side of the road.

Rachel agrees that it doesn't need to be wet for the S-curve to be dangerous. For one thing, it's a fairly tight downhill curve. There's a suggested 30-mile-an-hour speed limit for this section of road, but it's obvious most drivers don't slow down. Another problem that makes this section of Capshaw iffy, the road's edges. "They're bad, they're falling off, they're breaking off. It's not a good road, and it needs to be re-paved if they can do anything to it, and show where the lines are the edge of the road are," says Rachel.

Right now weeds are growing tall on one side of the road, and driver's can't really see the edge of Capshaw. They also can't see that there's a ditch right beside it.  This stretch of road obviously needs some attention. "Something needs to be done, yes definitely," says Rachel West.

We agree that this short stretch of two lane does need help. That's why we're taking action and bringing it to the attention of Huntsville traffic engineers.

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