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New Details Emerge About Huntsville Officer’s Assault

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Huntsville Police Office Jonathan Sallis

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – New details have emerged about a recent assault on a Huntsville police officer.  The suspect in the case, Olusola Amimbola Kuponiyi, is charged with attempted murder.

Olusola Abimbola Kuponiyi (Madison County Metro Jail)

Olusola Abimbola Kuponiyi (Madison County Metro Jail)

WHNT News 19 has obtained a copy of Kuponiyi’s arrest warrant.  This is the first time we’re learning specific details about what happened the evening of August 22 behind Quizno’s on University Drive, across from the UAH campus.

The warrant states Kuponiyi slammed Officer Jonathan Sallis onto the ground, slamming his head numerous times on the pavement. The warrant says Kuponiyi grabbed the officer’s weapon and tried to pull it out of the holster several times, pulling so hard Officer Salis was coming off the ground.

The warrant states Kuponiyi stabbed Officer Sallis with a knife on his arm, and bit him, leaving several bite marks and stomping him with his foot, leaving a shoeprint. Kuponiyi is also accused of spraying Officer Sallis with his own pepper spray.

Several officers rushed to Sallis’ aide and arrested Kuponiyi.  Both men were taken to Huntsville Hospital.  Kuponiyi was later taken to the Madison County Detention Center.

Sallis is back at work.

Kuponiyi’s felony exam is scheduled for September 18 before Madison County Judge Alison Austin.

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