Former Army Major General Reacts To Violence In Syria

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -  On Friday, President Obama expressed the need for  military action in response to the violence in Syria. He assured that response would be  limited in scope, and there would be no boots on the ground.

Retired Army Major General Vincent Boles responded to the announcement, saying he wished the president hadn't shown his hand so soon. Still he, echoes President Obama's sentiment that time for action has come.

"The suffering, 1400 people killed, many of them young children and innocents. It`s absolutely been horrendous in every way," said Boles

Drawing on his 30-plus years of military experience, Boles says he is uncomfortable with the fact President Obama revealed the limited nature of any potential military response.

"You want to keep the enemy guessing. but since we aren't putting boots on the ground, obviously then we're at some sort of aerial intervention whether it's by cruise missiles or bombers or something of that nature," said Boles.

While he believes, whole-heartedly, that our military can handle whatever action the country will take - he says the biggest challenge is yet to come.

'The biggest challenge is the enemy gets a vote as well," said Boles. "Once we launch an incursion against Syria we have to be prepared for the Syrian response, whatever form it might take."