Family: Girl Saves 4-Year-Old Brother From Dog Attack

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SHEFFIELD, Ala. (WHNT) - An amazing story of childhood bravery out of the Shoals:  an 8-year-old is credited with saving her brother from a dog attack.

Family members say they are grateful both children are alive and well.

“That was the scariest thing I’ve ever went through,” said the victim’s grandmother, Shelia Bradford.

Witnesses to the dog attack say a pit bull first jumped on 4-year-old Desmond Tolbert.

“I was terrified, all I could see was that dog killing one of my grandkids and I was trying my best to get him off and I couldn't do anything,” recounted Bradford about the attack.

Family members say that's when 8-year-old Mackenzie Lebron rushed in to save her sibling.

“The dog came up and got my brother, I pushed it away and put my brother on top of the car and then it came after me,” said Lebron.

Witnesses say the dog was relentless.  “I was screaming, someone please come and help me,” said Bradford.

The children's grandmother says Mackenzie is in the worse shape after the attack.  The little girl got bit at least 10 times and needed stitches in her leg.

The little boy suffered a few scratches.  Family members are thankful Mackenzie rushed to help when her family was in harm.

“She was more worried about me and her brother than she was anything, she was standing on the porch telling them to call an ambulance for me and her brother and she wasn't even worried about herself,” said Bradford.

The dog was taken to Colbert County Animal Control.  So far, no one has claimed the animal.