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Huntsville Superintendent Scraps Teacher Tenure Deal

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Huntsville Board of Education (file)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A plan Huntsville City Schools was proposing to strike deals with tenured teachers at the so-called “failing schools” has been scrapped.

The proposed incentive would have offered a bonus of at least $2,500 to teachers who choose to give up their tenure and stay at or move to one of the so-called “failing” schools.

Tuesday afternoon district spokesman Keith Ward confirmed Superintendent Casey Wardynski has backed off of the plan due to recent challenges to the Alabama Accountabilty Act.


At an August 15th school board meeting, members raised their concerns about the proposal, questioning if teachers would feel pressured to exchange tenure for the bonus.

“This is strictly voluntary. We aren’t asking anyone to give up anything they don’t want to give up,” said Ward.

The proposed incentive would have been similar to what the district did when they moved from tenured principals to contract principals. It offers, in Dr. Wardynski’s words, “workforce flexibility.”

“It’s another option we can offer our teachers,” Wardynski said at the meeting. “When we’re competing to keep our best teachers and get great new teachers it’s something we can offer that most school systems in Alabama can’t offer.”