Final Days: The Huntsville Times Packs Up, Ready to Move Downtown

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- It's a bittersweet time period for The Huntsville Times staff.
The newsroom closes the doors on their Memorial Parkway location soon and prepares for the move to a new building in downtown Huntsville. "A lot of great journalism has been done here at this location," said Anthony Cook, the Community News Director.

The building has seen a lot in its day. Life-changing journalists have walked through the doors and award-winning stories have been developed in its newsroom.  "There's a lot of sadness about having to leave here," said Cook. "I think it's more of an attachment to the people who have worked here over the years and who have made the name 'Huntsville Times' a great name, so there's some nostalgia about that."

Cook said the newsroom and its staff is packed and ready to go. They will make their move to downtown Huntsville on Monday. The new building is not entirely ready yet, so it will be a move on blind faith. "It's like when you buy a new house, only we haven't seen it yet," he said. "It's not done being built yet, all those things are being finalized right now."

The new location will be drastically different from the location on Memorial Parkway. Long gone are the days of assigned seating in the newsroom. Cook said that the new space will be about letting creativity flow freely. "There are small stations that look like restaurant booths," he said. "There are counter top areas there are large meeting rooms, and there are small meeting rooms."

It's all about collaborating and making sure that the paper's goal is achieved: becoming a more efficient digital first company.  "There are different types of work areas that will allow us to work differently, generate different types of ideas about how to cover news, but most importantly to collaborate and work with each other and feed off the energy of our colleagues," said Cook.

Cook said even though they have a different address, they are still the paper you've known and loved.

"Come and see us, we are still people, we're still journalists, we still love this city and we want to be your neighbors."

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