Redstone Arsenal Adds New Security Equipment at Gates; Long Delays Thursday

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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. (WHNT) - New technology aimed at improving security is being added at entry points to Redstone Arsenal.  That's also the reason for the heavy delays going into the gates Thursday morning.

Gate guards have started to use the new equipment which Redstone Arsenal leaders say will help ensure each person seeking to enter the installation has the proper credentials.

“Our gate procedures aren’t at an acceptable level to keep our Arsenal secure," said Redstone Arsenal Garrison Commander Col. Bill Marks.  "While employee convenience is important, safety and security are our top priorities."

Arsenal officials say the technology will help guards spot counterfeit badges or expired credentials.

The use of new equipment and procedures is something Redstone Arsenal commanders say is important to reduce predictability for those seeking to harm the United States.

"Every day, those who would do us harm are changing their tactics and techniques,” said Col. Marks. “We have to adapt as well. As new technologies become available to us, we must take advantage of them to maintain our security posture.”

Arsenal leaders advise workers seeking entry to adjust their travel routine, have their credentials ready for inspection as they approach a gate and be patient.

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