Bus Driver Mistakenly Picks Up Elementary School Car Rider, Drops Off Student At Daycare

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The first week of school can sometimes create a few hiccups. Teachers may call a student by the wrong name or students may even forget their supplies. However, a Huntsville grandmother says something big went wrong at Morris Elementary School. The school did not send her five-year-old home.

Jovanka Bradley told WHNT NEWS 19 Morris Elementary School staff put her grandson on a bus. The bus took the boy to a daycare. There's a problem! The student is a car rider.

Bradley got a scare on her grandson's second day of school.

"Oh, it was awful. It was a bad day. I mean I couldn't even focus," said Bradley.

She went to Morris ES five minutes before classes were scheduled to dismiss.

Bradley waited to see Quterious come out with the other kids. It did not happen.

"I asked the teacher where he was and she didn't know. She said he got in the car. I asked, he got in a car? No one is to pick him up other than me, his auntie or my boyfriend," added Bradley.

Keith Ward, a spokesman for Huntsville City Schools, told WHNT NEWS 19 the five-year-old should not have gotten on the bus. School documents classify Quterious as a car-rider.

WHNT NEWS 19 asked Bradley, "How did Quterious get on the bus?"

Bradley replied, "I don`t know. That is what I am trying to figure out!"

WHNT NEWS 19 asked that same question to the school district's spokesman.

"From my understanding, the child inadvertently got in the wrong line. There is a division between car riders and bus riders. That's how it initially occurred," said Ward.

Bradley, her family and police searched for Quterious around the school. No one could find him.

"I started getting really scared because you don`t want to hear that. I was like, let me just go and look for myself because he can hear his name and not be paying attention," said Shilaunda Earskine, Quterious' aunt.

Earskine found her nephew at Kid's Kingdom Daycare. The daycare is .3 of a mile from the school.

"I went back there and saw the owner sitting down with a few other workers. I was like, this one is not yours. She was like I thought my roll looked kind of funny," added Earskine.

Quterious was fine and playing basketball.

"When she brought him to the front and put him in my car, I started crying. She was like I`m sorry. I`m sorry. I wasn`t even worried about the wrong they did. I was just thanking God he was okay," added Earskine.

WHNT NEWS 19 called the owner of Kid's Kingdom to hear what he had to say. Delane Griffin stands by his employee, saying the bus driver did her job. Griffin said the driver did notice Quterious on the bus, but assumed his name was left off the roster.

Ward says the district has changed its car rider policies to include double and triple-checking procedures.

The school's principal told the daycare staff the bus driver's action were "unacceptable." The school district's administration is still investigating what happened with the bus driver.

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