Caudle’s Case Bound Over To Grand Jury In Travers Homicide

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - Ryan Oneal Caudle was in court Tuesday afternoon for a preliminary hearing. He's one of three men charged with capital murder in connection with the June 18th shooting death of 21-year-old Jamie Travers.

Although he remained handcuffed throughout the proceedings, Caudle sat and took notes during the preliminary hearing. WHNT News 19 learned Caudle will claim it was a co-defendant, Dewayne Hicks, who actually fired the gun that night that killed Travers.

Caudle never spoke during Tuesday afternoon's hearing. The judge explained to him the purpose of the hearing and the state called only one witness, Decatur Police Investigator Mike Burleson. He read the statements taken from Caudle and co-defendants Charles Makekau and Dewayne Hicks. Caudle and Hicks are the two accused of breaking into Jamie Travers' home with the intent of robbing him.Police say Makekau helped plan the crime, even providing Hicks and Caudle with the entry code for Travers' security system.

While Hicks, through his statement, claims to have backed out of the robbery and says he was at home and in bed asleep when the killing occurred, Caudle says Hicks was most certainly there and also fired the shot that killed Travers.

Police say when the trial gets underway, they will bring a witness forward who will testify to loaning Caudle a .30 caliber rifle right before the attempted robbery. Police say it was, in fact, a .30 caliber bullet that killed Travers.

As with Makekau and Hicks, Caudle's case was also bound over to the grand jury for review. This is a capital case, so for now, all three defendants could face a death sentence if they are convicted.