16-Year-Old Accused Killer Elias Nava Claims Gang Affiliation

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - A 16-year-old Limestone County boy was in a Decatur courtroom this morning to answer a charge of murder. Elias Nava is accused of shooting 18-year-old Jim Uriostegui during what police describe as a fight between 2 groups of young people.

And during Tuesday's court hearing, there was yet another reference to possible gang activity being involved in this case.

The state's only witness during the hearing was a Decatur Police investigator who described Elias Nava as a self-professed gang member. Trouble is there's no clearinghouse we can call, no way to verify if he's a member of any gang, or if he's just a gangster wanna-be.

Decatur Police Investigator George Silvestri told the court Nava was developed as a suspect early on in the investigation of the shooting death August 6th of 18-year-old Jim Uriostegui. But Silvestri said the only name they had for him at first was his street name, "Little-E." Nava was taken into custody a short time later, and Silvestri says he gave a statement to police saying he did fire the gun during a fight between two groups at a trailer park on highway 20 in Decatur. In fact, Silvestri says he told them he was the only one who fired a gun there that night. Uriostegui was hit one time in the chest with a 22. caliber bullet. He died a short time later at Decatur Morgan Hospital. Silvestri says Nava claimed to be a member of the P-C Cerenos branch of the 256 Southside gang. The fight was allegedly the result of taunts made on Facebook with a person described as a member of the 18th Street Gang.

Nava's case was bound over to the grand jury for review. No word on when that panel will hear the case, but an indictment against Nava is expected.