New Website Offers “STUFTUDU” Across North Alabama

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Website offers tips on stuff to do in the N. Alabama area...

Ever struggle to find stuff to do? Feel like your neighborhood is a little too sleepy? One local website creator wants to change that and revolutionize the way people connect with each other in North Alabama.

Brenda Anci moved to Huntsville about a year ago and felt, well, a little lost. “I didn’t know they had music, I didn’t know they had the art walk downtown. If it weren’t for my friends I would have no idea.”

Website creator Carl Holden wants to change that, launching a new website called STUFTUDU to showcase how much really is happening in the area.

"It's something you can get on and find something to do right now," Holden explained.

Instead of just listing events, STUFTUDU offers anytime activities as well - bars, restaurants and outdoor attractions. The website is divided into six categories - play, work, eat, buy, learn and serve and all the posts are sharable through social media.

Anci wishes that kind of resource would've been around when she first arrived in Huntsville. It would've saved her a lot of trouble and boredom.

"I didn't even know where to find Farmer's Markets," Anci laments while browsing Huntsville's new Entertainment District downtown on a Friday night, "I just found one here tonight and I got myself some goat cheese."

If nightlife is your thing, you'll want to take note of a companion website linked at the STUFTUDU homepage called "Huntsville Nightlife." It takes the larger STUFTUDU concept of listing both events and anytime activities and applies it to the local bar and restaurant scene specifically. The page is already generating significant buzz on Facebook.