Shoals Nightclub Closes Down, Police Chief Cites Safety Concerns

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SHEFFIELD, Ala. (WHNT) - Party-goers in the Shoals, have one less option.

The Sheffield City Council voted to shut down JD’s nightclub on Nashville Avenue.

Police Chief Greg Ray calls the club a hot spot for criminal activity.

“We composed a file of all the calls we`ve had, it`s this thick,” said Ray as he shows a manila folder full of call reports.  “Just dozens and dozens and dozens and it taxes our resources completely.”

Incident reports document fights, drug activity, and even shots fired.

“The nature of the calls was getting more serious,” said Ray.

Chief Ray took the records to the city council and the council revoked the establishment's business permits and alcohol license.

“We definitely don`t want to see any business in the city fail, but we felt like it was something we had to do for safety,” said Ray.

Chief Ray says he`s thankful an innocent person hasn`t been harmed the nightclub however he says with the police call volume, he believe it only would have been a matter of time.

“There`s no doubt we did the right thing, matter of fact I feel like we had a duty to do what we did,” said Ray.

The police chief says he met with the owners the nightclub in February to discuss the high call volume.

According to the chief, the owners were asked at that time to increase security.