Part 3: Stretching The Budget & Madison County’s Fast Pace

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - In this segment of Leadership Perspectives, Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong talks about managing a large budget and stretching the dollars.

"We're not raising taxes," said Strong.  "We want to raise expectations.  We're looking at how we can do local government better with less.  I believe we're accomplishing that."

Paul Finley, the host, asks Strong what he wish people knew about the job.

"Some people might think we're moving too fast," said Strong. "I would say we can't move fast enough to make this community what I believe it can be."

"Madison County is on the map and I want to take it to the next level," he added later.

Strong said it is important to keep a good relationship with our leaders here, in Montgomery, and in Washington, D.C.

"It's essential that we keep that dialogue going," said Strong.  "You cannot solve problems if you're not communicating.  I like to keep that communication open."