Finley on Handing over the Reins and Becoming “Joe Citizen”

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Paul Finley

Paul Finley

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Our Leadership Perspectives series moves into week four and my guest is my Mayor, Mayor Troy Trulock of the City of Madison.

I first met Mayor Trulock 10 years ago at Palmer Park.  He was Coach Trulock then of the Rookie League Royals, and I was Coach Finley of the Rookie Cardinals.  Along with 22 other Rookie coaches, that season we spent 3-4 nights a week on the dusty Upper Quad fields teaching seven and eight year old baseball fundamentals and teamwork.  Dinner consisted of hot dogs and popcorn, and it seemed as if the entire city was involved in some form or fashion.

Later that fall I attended General Holly’s presentation at the SMDC Conference.  I almost didn’t recognize Lt. Col Trulock as he walked by in his “other” uniform.  He almost didn’t recognize me without my Cardinal hat; some of you may not realize I have lost a little hair on the top!  That meeting was the first time we talked at any length.  He let me know he would be retiring soon and the family was excited to stay here in Madison.

During the next 10 years we talked often… our sons are good friends and have played on many teams together.  But rarely were any of the discussions on “politics” or city government.  We each found our niche in different community activities throughout the years and our paths have crossed frequently.

Fast forward to today, and we have one more big thing in common… we have now both have sat in the Mayor’s seat in Madison.  We have each struggled to supply our City Council with a solid budget and have each been honored to represent Madison at numerous community events.  We have each been to the International Conference of Shopping Centers (ICSC) trying to secure more economic development for our city, and we both know our primary focus as Mayor must be roads, roads, and yes… roads.

When Troy won the Mayor’s race in August of 2012 he had nine weeks before he took over the reins.  We used that time to meet weekly, doing everything possible to support a smooth transition. When the time came to erase the white board and pack up, I felt confident we had done a good job of transferring knowledge.  He has picked up right where we left off and our city continues to prosper and grow.  While he has used the same basic platform as a guide he has done it his way, with his stamp.  We don’t talk often, it is his city now and I am very content to slip back into “Joe Citizen” mode.

I know Mayor Trulock is as proud to represent our city as I was during my four years in office.  And as with me, his perspective on why he and his family chose to make Madison their permanent home changes as he learns more about the inter-workings of our city and this community.  I look forward to sharing these insights during our interview.  Watch here:

Part 1
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