Huntsville Leaders Struggling with New Fiscal Budget; Blame Road Woes

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) –  Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle says the city is running on revenue and resources for the way things were five years ago.

Battle warns that going into the 2014 fiscal year, the city’s budget has very little wiggle room for anything new.

In fact, Battle says city leaders are already considering not purchasing fleet vehicles, delaying capital projects and replacing only a few employees who leave the city.

He says the budget trouble goes hand in hand with the city’s road projects being pushed back by the state.

“Roads are what gives us economic development, retail development, which gives us growth,” said Battle.  “Those two tied together means that our budgetary constraints are huge this year.  We are very very tight on budget.”

He added already the city has taken $7 million dollars from its capital planning budget to make ends meet.

That leaves $25 million dollars in the fund.

City leaders plan to present the Huntsville City Council with the budget for the new fiscal year on August 22nd.