Huntsville Police Say Several July Shootings Connected

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – In a matter of 10 days, Huntsville saw 6 shootings. Two people were killed and several others injured. While not all of the crimes are connected, Huntsville police say they are seeing some of the same victims and offenders over and over again.

It’s a cycle Huntsville police are all too ready to break.

“Whether it`s a sign of the time, more people just seem to resort to handling their disputes with weapons,” said Sergeant Jack Pugh. “We`re trying to aggressively working the cases and trying to get people in jail as soon as possible.”

Pugh says the shootings are not random, and the believe at least three of them are connected, specifically shootings on Monticello Drive, Wilbur Drive, and Bonnell Avenue.

Investigators say some of the same victims and offenders have been involved, in a cycle of retaliation for previous shootings. According to investigators, it’s an ongoing feud.

Pugh says gathering consistent information has been a struggle.  witnesses often don`t want to talk.

“We depend on the public to call in. A lot of times when there are shootings like this in neighborhoods people don`t want to get involved but we definitely depend on outside information to help put all of this together,” said Pugh.

At Thursday`s Huntsville City Council meeting, Police Chief Lewis Morris addressed the
councilman`s concerns about the recent influx in crime.

Morris believes recent promotions and new precinct commanders will be an integral part in addressing the issue.

“I think in the coming weeks you`ll see a change and notice a change in some of the operations that will help address these issues in a more effective manner,” assured Morris.

Huntsville police are still investigating several of these cases, and hope to make another arrest as soon as possible.

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