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Leap Motion Brings Touchless Computer Control

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Say goodbye to clicking and touching...

Touching and typing? That’s so 2012, now that gesture recognition technology of Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Kinect fame has arrived for computers.

San Francisco-based Leap Motion has a new controller out that makes touchless interaction with your screen possible. The device is now shipping after some initial delays.

So how does it work? “Inside the device there aretwo cameras and some infrared LEDs,” explained Michael Buckwald, Co-Founder & CEO of Leap Motion, “Those are projecting light onto the hand and that video is getting sent to the computer, where our software analyzes it and extracts the 3D information.”

Pointing replaces clicking. In Google Maps for example, users can move a hand up and down to zoom. Gestures need to be withing two feet of the device for it to work as designed.

The controller costs $80 and there are roughly 75 apps available for now, mostly games. You will find some educational offerings though.

The Leap Motion Controller is currently being sold online but will soon be on store shelves as well.

For more information on this, watch Michelle Stark’s Digital Life report Monday, July 29th on WHNT News 19 This Morning from 4:30 – 7:00 a.m.