Leadership Legacy: A Guest Leadership Post by Cassie Scott

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Cassie Scott

Cassie Scott

Cassie Scott

What is a leader?

When asked to write an article about leadership, I thought that this would be the easiest assignment I have ever had and I would just breeze through one story after another. Because leadership…it is what I do!

I am gainfully employed at Leadership Huntsville/Madison County – a nonprofit organization that leads the leaders in our community. So, I talk about leadership all day, every day.

But when I stopped to truly define a leader, all I could do was come up with people, examples, and other adjectives describing the leaders that I have come in contact with through this amazing j-o-b.

Two Groups of Leaders

When thinking of these people, these “leaders”, I immediately classify them into two groups: The Good and The Great. So, what is that defining word or characteristic that separates these two groups?

In my opinion, my very humble opinion, it is the act of service that turns a good leader into a great leader. The leaders that unselfishly serve this community are truly inspiring. They are the best of the best. They give their hearts, souls and time to the cause. These kinds of people are the ones that I want to learn from, study under, and follow to the ends of the Earth.

I firmly believe that our community is lucky to have so many servant leaders. We have them in elected positions, appointed positions, in the media, in our classrooms, in our churches, in our social service agencies, in our public safety positions…everywhere you look, you see leadership in action. We see it in those that are vocal – those that are ready to lead the charge and scream it from atop of the mountains. We see it those that are quiet – those that lead by example with their gentle hand and calm demeanor.

We can study the act of leadership all we want. I do not believe there is a declared, textbook defined, correct way to lead. It depends on our personality, our background, and our preferred preference.

What Will Be Your Leader Legacy?

This article challenged me to look deep within myself when thinking about leadership. Am I the type of leader that someone places on the good list or the great list? Am I creating change in my community? Am I unselfishly serving my peers, my family, my colleagues and my community? Am I just talking about leadership or can you see it in my actions? What will my legacy be?

What will your legacy be? What is your definition of a leader?

Cassie Watson Scott, C-9, L-27, ALI
VP, Business Development and Programs
Leadership Huntsville/Madison County