Gate 8 to Close Monday Through Friday Due to Furloughs

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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. – Beginning Monday, July 29, Gate 8 to the Arsenal will be closed Monday through Friday but will be open for regular hours on the weekends.

Gate 8 is located near the intersection of Goss and Drake Road. This change will be effective throughout the furlough period.  Below you will find the operating hours for this gate along with others.

Gate 1: 0530-2100, Monday-Friday

Gate 3: 0530-1800, Monday-Thursday, Closed Friday

Gate 7: 0530-2000, Monday-Thursday, Closed Friday

Gate 8: Closed Monday-Friday, open Saturday and Sunday 0530-2100

Gate 9: Open 24 hours, 7 days a week

Gate 10: 0530-2100, Monday-Friday

This change to operating hours is being made in order to more efficiently utilize the shrinking access control point guard force. Redstone Arsenal officials are keeping a close eye on traffic patterns and safety issues. They want to make sure that Arsenal security is maintained, employees and customers are safe and that Redstone is able to continue its mission.

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-Posted by Hannah Ward