Secret Crushes, Affairs, And Bullying, All Topics On “Huntsville Confessions”

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – From amusement to shock, no matter what the reaction, Huntsville Confessions is dropping jaws.

The Facebook page, with more than 5,000 “likes” is serving as a sounding board for people to say whatever they want. No matter how offensive.

“Wow, as a parent I say no, I don’t like this,” said Retina Clemons, a Huntsville resident who WHNT News 19 asked about the Facebook page. “This doesn’t give people a good image of our community.”

Several people we asked about Huntsville Confessions say they had never heard of it, while others admitted to reading it from time to time. One woman said she now wants to read Huntsville Confessions, and thinks while the content is shocking, it is not a big deal.

“People can write what they want, they are going to write what they want,” said Huntsville resident Jessie Cruz. “It’s Facebook, if people don’t like it, then don’t look at it. Why worry about what other people are posting?”
The posts range from being as innocent as admitting a crush, to others explicitly describing sexual acts. Profanity runs rampant on the page. Some posts even tell of past sexual or physical abuse.

You may be wondering why would people put such explicit details of their lives on a website everybody can see?

“I’s the exact same reason that when people fly on airplanes they will tell complete strangers things about themselves they would never say to people that they know,” explained Stanley Brodsky, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Alabama.

Brodsky says, anonymity emboldens people to post things they would most likely never say in person. At its best it can serve as a catharsis, or that first step before being able to confide in someone in person. At its worst, it is another way for people to say cruel and hurtful things about others, without consequence.

Even though some of the comments specifically name the people the poster is talking about, and others discuss unreported cases of sexual assault, Huntsville police say they have not received any complaints about the page, and therefore are not investigating Huntsville Confessions.