Live Blog: SEC Media Days – LSU and Georgia

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Les Miles, LSU coach.

HOOVER, Ala. (WHNT) – From LSU, Coach Les Miles, Jarvis Landry, Craig Loston, and Zach Mettenberger will be joining us.  From Georgia, Coach Mark Richt, Arthur Lynch, Aaron Murray, and Garrison Smith will be joining us.

Drew Galloway July 18, 201311:21 am

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Drew Galloway July 18, 201310:56 am

Saban is scheduled to begin his address at 11:20 a.m., however, it is possible that the SEC Media Days event organizers could allow Vanderbilt and Coach James Franklin to go first if the Alabama coach and players are held up during their TV interviews.

Stay tuned for minute by minute updates.

Drew Galloway July 18, 201310:20 am

Coach Richt has left the stage. Student athletes from Georgia will be taking the stages shortly to answer questions.

Drew Galloway July 18, 201310:19 am

Richt knows a thing or two about national championships. His Bulldogs won the National Championship in 2002 and 2005.

Megan Hayes July 18, 201310:17 am

Richt on SEC dominating BCS National Championship: People are getting beat and still winning national championships, I think everyone is beatable and i think quite frankly, the way the BCS is set up…is good fortune.

Drew Galloway July 18, 201310:13 am

Hurry-up offense is a hot topic of conversation for the coaches at SEC Media Days 2013.

Drew Galloway July 18, 201310:12 am

Richt on hurry-up offense: I don’t worry about that as a safety issue.

I think the one thing we do need to be careful of when we are going fast is when the official spots the ball, he needs to be able to get out of the way quickly for his safety.

I’ve seen a lot of balls snapped when the offensive team isn’t quite set.

I understand the need for speed, but I think everyone need to be in place and defensive substitutions need to be completed.

Drew Galloway July 18, 201310:08 am

Richt: Murray knows that a great running back and a great running game are his friends. He’s not afraid to go to those weapons.

Drew Galloway July 18, 201310:07 am

Richt on his personal relationship with Aaron Murray: The way we have been going about our business with the quarterback position was a good fit for him.

He’s an excellent ambassador for the University of Georgia.

Megan Hayes July 18, 201310:06 am

Richt: Aaron Murray is a great player, he has had all the experience in the world, in SEC competition, big games, throughout his career–but not to be too redundant, he’s a 365-day-a- year quarterback. Every single day he has a plan to get better personally, he has a plan to get his team better. The way he eats, the way he trains himself….

He’s a great ambassador for Georgia, he’s a blessing for us.

Drew Galloway July 18, 201310:03 am

Richt on his first four games: I told the team that we are in a race to be in mid-season form by the first game.

I think we are on track. Things went well in the spring.

Drew Galloway July 18, 201310:02 am

Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt.

Drew Galloway July 18, 201310:00 am

Richt on looking back at last season’s Alabama game: I didn’t have a lot of time to emotionally get over that game. I had to move on to bowl practice.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20139:57 am

Richt on opening against Clemson: I’m guessing we will both be top ten teams in preseason rankings, or near.

Their offensive team is one of the best in America. Playing at their place will be tough. They have an outstanding atmosphere.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20139:55 am

Richt: We’re anxious to get started.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20139:54 am

Richt: I think we have the ingredients to answer those questions.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20139:53 am

Richt: I think our team is one that has a lot of question, and I like that. A lot of our players are still fighting for starting positions.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20139:52 am

Gerogia head coach Mark Richt has taken the stage. This begins his 13th year at Gerogia.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20139:49 am

The LSU student athletes have left the media room. Georgia’s coach Mark Richt is up next.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20139:34 am

Mettenberger: I feel like I did in high school. Confident.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20139:33 am

Mettenberger: It’s definitely going to be an easier transition to the first game this year than last year.

Mettenberger also said that he was sweating at last years Media Days and before the first game.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20139:30 am

Mettenberger: You can have a million Tweets about you loving God or doing charity work, but one F-bomb or picture of you with a beer in your hand and that is all people care about.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20139:29 am

Zach Mettenberger, LSU Quarterback: You don’t know which Les you will see on any given day. He could be the goofy Les or the hard Les. I’m proud to be on his team.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20139:27 am

Craig Loston, LSU Safety.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20139:23 am

Jarvis Landry, LSU Wide Receiver.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20139:22 am

Zach Mettenberger, LSU Quarterback.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20139:05 am

Coach miles has ended his statement. Players from LSU will take the stages shortly to answer questions.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20139:00 am

Miles: These guys have to understand that this is a media outlet. When you put a piece of information out there, it’s not going just to your buddies.

Some of the best guys get behind the wheel of social media and some of the things that they say doesn’t match up to who they are.

Miles says he won’t ban Twitter. “For us not to admit that we’re American and that’s where we’re going, we’re going to learn to use it responsibly.”

Megan Hayes July 18, 20138:59 am

Miles on Social Media: This is going to be with us, this isn’t going away, and we have to handle it with responsibility.

Megan Hayes July 18, 20138:58 am

Miles on Australian team members: We’re pretty comfortable with adjusting our dialect so it fits the ability to communicate.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20138:58 am

Miles: 20 years ago there was not a policy on Twitter. 20 years ago, there was not a policy on Facebook. I can guarantee you, not one of those guys did a Harlem Shake (laughs from audience).

Megan Hayes July 18, 20138:56 am

Miles: We had a social media presentation two nights ago basically what we talked about was Twitter, Facebook, all this stuff and basically the pitfalls, i think that those meetings are quality meetings.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20138:55 am

Miles on coaches having contact with players during the summer: I think the rule should be make such that the coach can have all the contact he need in a non-football related medium.

Megan Hayes July 18, 20138:55 am

Miles: “The excitement is not derived from where you’re ranked or how people perceive you, it’s derived from the youth of your team.”

Drew Galloway July 18, 20138:51 am

Miles: We’ve never really put much faith in the predictions, you don’t earn the top spot until the end of the year.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20138:50 am

Miles on Cam Cameron’s impact: We’ve always wanted to be a balanced team. He allows us to be more balanced. He certainly moves the ball down the field.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20138:49 am

Miles: Those guy who prioritize their degree, those are the guys who return then go on to be very successful and go on to make a lot of money.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20138:48 am

Miles on players lost to the NFL draft: I think each guy has to make his decision. The thing we make sure to do is not give anyone in the NFL a deal.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20138:46 am

Miles: We’re looking forward to the challenge of facing the best in the East and the best in the West. I like us in every game.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20138:42 am

Miles is giving the media a rundown of the talent of his starters.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20138:38 am

Les Miles, head coach at LSU.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20138:37 am

Miles: In the last eight years, we have put 51 in the NFL. I’m glad we can offer young men something past college.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20138:36 am

Miles: We had 9 NFL draftees from the last season, a school record.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20138:33 am

Coach Les Miles is making his opening statement.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20138:32 am

Miles has an overall 85-21 record at LSU, with a 51-4 record against unranked teams, a 47-17 record in regular season SEC games, and a 50-7 record in Tiger Stadium.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20138:28 am

In eight years, the LSU Tigers have won more games than any other program in the SEC in that span with 85 wins, while winning two SEC titles in 2007 and 2011 and winning the national title in 2007.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20138:13 am

Justin Connolly, the General Manager of the SEC Network, has announced that the network will premier on August 21, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. ET.

Paul Finebaum will play a significant role in the network, according to Connolly.

Drew Galloway July 18, 20138:11 am

Thank you for joining us today! We are expecting coach Les Miles to take the stage at 8:30 a.m.