New Details Released In Colbert County Homicide Investigation

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COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - New details emerge in a Colbert County homicide case.

Detectives say Homajean Grisham III stabbed Jessica Nicole Broadfoot as he drove down the highway, and also on the side of a roadway on June 28th, 2013.

Grisham's charges have been upgraded to capital murder.

According to Colbert County detectives, Grisham cooperated with law enforcement when he led investigators to a field behind his parents’ home on Fossick Lane in Cherokee, but investigators say they started questioning Grisham's version of what happened when they saw Broadfoot's body and her injuries.

Grisham initially told detectives he stabbed her while driving down Highway 72.  Court documents show the stabbing started along a portion of North Pike, but investigators say, the stabbing continued along the Natchez Trace.

According to detectives, Broadfoot was already deceased when Grisham pulled off the road, and continued the attack, stabbing her several more times inside the truck.

“Charges were upgraded because it was determined that the lady was killed inside the vehicle, that`s one of the criteria that can get you to capital murder,” said Colbert County District Attorney, Bryce Graham.

After the stabbing, Colbert County Sheriff’s investigators say Grisham drove more than ten miles to dump Broadfoot's body.

Court documents also reveal Grisham had a folding knife and a pocket knife in his possession when he was stopped for questioning along Second Street in Muscle Shoals.

Investigators found a third knife, next to the victim's body, in the field.

Detectives say Grisham and Broadfoot had previously been married for a short time in 2006.