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Online Job Search Attracts Potential Scammers

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Scammers prey on the vulnerable, like those in need of immediate assistance, or in this case, someone searching for employment.

One viewer contacted WHNT News 19, saying she received a call from a company called WN Positions. It was an automated message, claiming to be conducting a survey. They then started to ask her for more personal information, like her birthday.

WHNT News 19 called the company and also received an automated message, before being disconnected.

Michele Mason with the Better Business Bureau of North Alabama says they have not received complaints about WN Positions. A search shows the company has been reported in several other states, including New York and New Hampshire, and has received an “F” rating by the regional BBBs.

The search also yields a page full of warnings about the company. One real employment agency with a similar name, has had to put a disclaimer on their website, dissociating themselves with the possible scammers.

“Even if you find positive info on the business itself, you can’t be sure the person contacting you really does represent them. They could be an imposter,” cautioned Mason.

Mason also warns, always be wary when using job searching sites, or any website where you`ll be posting any personal information online.

If you have experienced a suspicious phone call or solicitation from a company, WHNT News 19 can take action for you. Call the Consumer Action line at 256-850-0719 or 1-866-94-BBB-19

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