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Major Delays Getting Onto Redstone Arsenal Due to Furloughs

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Those who work on Redstone Arsenal are experiencing major delays trying to get to work this morning.  It is a direct effect of sequestration.

At one point, traffic was backed up from Gate 9 all the way to University Drive, which is approximately 2.5 miles.  Gate 1 is backed up to Whitesburg Drive, which is also more than 2 miles. The Redstone Arsenal Public Affairs Office confirms heavy delays at all gates due to cutbacks.

"What we saw in the gate traffic this morning is essentially what we expected to see happen," said Col. John Hamilton, Garrison Commander.  "We essentially reduced the capacity by 30%.  We expected there to be backups."

"We're looking at traffic patterns, and will look at making changes," Sharee Miller with Redstone Arsenal Public said in a phone interview.  "When 36,000 people are trying to get on the arsenal within a short period, and the cuts have to made, this unfortunately is going to happen," said Miller.

"We will work to the extent that we can within the manpower available to adjust some of those lane schedules and stuff. But the reality is, there is going to be reduced capacity throughout the week," said Hamilton.

The number of guards at all gates have been reduced due to furloughs.  The hours have also changed at some gates.