Can Opener a Deal

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This is a first in a way for Deal or Dud.

We tested a product that worked fine.

But I didn’t like the product’s name.

Maybe I’m being too sensitive. Maybe I’m overthinking it.

The product is called the “Tornado Can Opener.”

I just don’t like a product called the “Tornado” with a funnel cloud on the label.

But keeping a level head …

The Tornado Can Opener is a hands free device that opens cans. Many of the devices like that have some grooves that have to fit perfectly with the top of the can.

Not the Tornado.

You center the Tornado on the top of the can and hit the button on top.

It works perfectly.

There are some minor things I didn’t care for in the Tornado. First it’s $19.99. Second, it takes a while to cut the top off a can. About 20-25 seconds for a can. Also, it takes four-AA batteries.

But it works great.   This would be a great product for a senior citizen, or a way to get the little ones to help in the kitchen.  But if you have to worry about other food cooking on eyes on a stove, you can open cans with the Tornado.

Now, about the name of the product…