Alligator Found in Lauderdale County Creek

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Courtesy of Lauderdale Animal Control (FILE)

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – For the last few months rumors have been spreading about alligators moving into a local creek.

Tuesday afternoon, that rumor was squashed when a man spotted something he never could have imagined, miles from the Tennessee River.

Robert Hipps describes the portion of Cypress Creek near his Central community campsite as a serene, peaceful place.

While sitting on a creek-side swing Tuesday, Robert saw something most unusual, a log floating upstream past him,“When its head came up, and I saw the long tail on it, I got scared.”

Hipps said after assuring a 911 dispatcher that he had not been drinking, he described a six to seven foot alligator in the creek, just yards from him.

Dispatchers immediately sent an animal control officer to the County Road 6 location.

According to Hipps, it took two men to pull the alligator from the knee-deep water.

“We measured it, and it was 6 feet 1-and-a-quarter inches, so it was pretty big, and it was mad. But we wanted it away from here,” explained Hipps.

A Lauderdale County Animal Control officer relocated the male alligator to a secluded portion of the Tennessee river, well away from Robert Hipps and his neighbors.

Hipps doesn’t believe this will be the last time he has to deal with alligators,“At Cypress Creek we are not going to wash our hands of them. We are going to take care of ours. And I’m not threatening to kill alligators or anything like that, I’m just saying we are going to move them.”

State Conservation agents say alligators are now in northwest Alabama to stay.

That’s not the type of news Robert Hipps and his neighbors want to hear.