Drivers In Madison Neighborhood Are Scared

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Skyline Acres is your basic quiet, established Madison neighborhood. The problem for neighbors in Skyline Acres is the street they use to leave and enter the neighborhood. Stella Drive intersects with busy Slaughter Road. "It's terrible, it's awful," says neighbor Amanda Turner.

The problem for Stella Drive, is that it's at the bottom of a hill on Slaughter as drivers head south toward Old Madison Pike. The crest of the hill is about 50-yards to the north of the intersection. Drivers really don't see Stella till they're almost upon it.. "I think about my neighbor, and I sit and wait now for several minutes to make sure there's not a care coming over the hill says Amanda.

She's remembering a recent wreck at the intersection that injured her next door neighbor.  Joan Monger also remembers it. "You're taking your life into your hands to try to get across there," says Joan.

Both Joan and Amanda believe speeders on Slaughter road make the intersection dangerous. We used our radar gun, and we did catch drivers going 50 in a 45-mile an hour zone. That five miles an hour is significant, because the stopping distance going 50 is about 200 feet. That means a driver hitting the brakes would still go well through the intersection before stopping.

There is a sign for drivers going south on Slaughter Road, warning them of a hidden drive. I asked Amanda if it works. "No, no, no, and it's just for one way," says Amanda Turner.

There is no sign warning drivers heading in the other direction on Slaughter, and while there is a hill south of the intersection, it's not near the danger the other hill is. Still, the situation warrants a close examination by traffic engineers, and that's why we're taking action and discussing it with the city of Madison.