A Final Farewell for Finnegan’s Pub

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — They are calling it an “Irish wake” tonight and it’s a fitting title for the Finnegan’s Pub on the business’s last night. Those who sit at the bar every night (or used to) are all showing up to pay their final respects to the city’s first Irish pub.

“I’ve been coming here since 1979, off and on, for the last 10 or 12 years, been here at least a couple times a week,” said Sharon Campbell.

Ralph Young has a similar story. “Since 1990, after I retired from the Air Force I came here and I heard they had an Irish pub and I was just all over that,” said Young.

It’s safe to say that Finnegan’s Pub is a memorable landmark for Huntsville residents and has been for over three decades.

“It`s a very unique place, there`s not anything like it in town, there`s probably nothing like it in the country,” said Marcus Woolf.

“Finnegan’s is unique,” said Becky Snyder, a former employee of the pub. “It`s the only actual pub that`s ever been here, there have been some chains come in that said they were pubs, but they weren`t a pub.”

Tonight, the beer is flowing at Finnegan’s and memories are being shared all around. “I just remember coming through the rails over there and doing a little body float across the way as we were passing out the beers, and having a good time and singing for 6 and 8 hours at a whack,” said Young.

“It`s a place where we go with our friends, meet up with our friends,” said Snyder. “We have a good time and as a single person, now and even when I was younger, I felt safe to come here by myself because of the team behind the bar.”

When the doors shut tonight, everyone will remember the green sign on the Parkway and the place that they used to call home.

“This is an icon, it really is, it’s part of American folklore, it’s part of Huntsville really,” said Young.

“When its gone, we will miss it, and there won`t be another.”

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