Madison County Drivers Need Help

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - If you drive Highway 53 in Madison County then there's no need to tell you, it's busy. That's why drivers are so thankful that there's a new four lane section. The problem is, a busy four lane presents a challenge for drivers who have to enter traffic or even cross two lanes to turn left.

The intersection of Burwell Road and 53 is in better shape than most intersections, because it has a flashing light to warn drivers in all four directions.  Unfortunately, that flashing light doesn't help drivers on Burwell at peak traffic times. "For those periods of time, when the traffic is heavy, people going to work and coming home, it's pretty tough," says neighbor Robert Varnadore.

Robert thinks a four-way stop light is the solution for the intersection's problems.  Carl Brooks is about half way in agreement.  He does believe, however, that a full-time stop light is overkill. "If we had one of those automatic sensors, that if there's nobody coming, so you wouldn't have to stay there for three minutes while it turned green. it is rather infuriating for that to happen," says Carl.

Drivers on Burwell on the east side have a particularly tough time crossing two lanes and a median to turn toward Huntsville.  That's the situation greeting Laurie Oliver every day, and she has definite ideas about how often a stop light ought to be in operation. "I think all the time, because you have people coming. That's a four-way, and it's dangerous," says Laurie.

We believe all these concerned neighbors have a point, and that's why we're taking action and asking the state Traffic Engineers to take a look. We're working to make this intersection, safer.

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