Limestone County D.A. Wants Moyers To Stay In Jail

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Joel Moyers (Photo: Limestone County Sheriff's Dept.)

LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – The Limestone County District Attorney’s office has asked the court to deny Joel Moyers’ motion to dismiss his case and motion to set bond.

Moyers is charged with the September 2012 shooting death of Brandon Hydrick, who died from a single gunshot wound to the back. Investigators say Hydrick was a passenger in his younger brother’s truck and was confronted by Moyers as the two were leaving a bonfire near Moyer’s home.

Sheriff Mike Blakely says Moyers admitted firing a warning shot in the direction of Hydrick’s truck, but the bullet went through the cab of the truck, striking Hydrick in the back, killing him.

Moyers was recently re-arraigned to restart criminal proceedings against him after his attorney challenged the wording of his original charge.

The motion that challenged the wording of the original charge argued the indictment failed to mention Moyers’ intent to kill Hydrick. Originally, Judge Woodroof indicated he would allow prosecutors to amend the indictment to correct the language, but ruled the document was fatally flawed and dismissed the charge.

Moyers’ attorney then asked the judge to grant bond for Moyers, claiming that he had essentially been held without cause under a flawed indictment.

Tuesday, Assistant District Attorney Matthew Huggins requested the judge deny both Moyers’ motion to dismiss and motion to set bond.

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