State Representative Says She Will Challenge Ban On Same-Sex Marriage

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)– State Representative Patricia Todd said Saturday she plans to challenge a state ban on same-sex marriage.   Todd made the comments at a gathering of the Madison County Teenage Democrats

“My partner and I will apply for something as a couple,” Todd said.  “Like if it’s health insurance or try to get a marriage certificate, something like that.  Of course we will be denied.   That allows us to use that to challenge that state law.”

Todd, a Democrat from Birmingham, is the only openly gay member of the Alabama legislature.  She said the United States Supreme Court’s ruling earlier in the week striking down the Defense of Marriage Act was the impetus for her plan.

In June of 2006 Alabama voters overwhelmingly approved an amendment to ban same-sex marriages.   The amendment passed with 81% of the vote.   Todd says it doesn’t matter what the voters decided.

“My response is that if we let the majority rule all the time we’d still have slavery,” Todd said.

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange said after the court’s ruling that he believes Alabama’s ban will hold up under court scrutiny.