Auctions on Apps

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Going once, going twice...sold!!!.. to the person who has the smartphone with the app to make saving money fun and easy.

There are virtual auction apps for i-phones as well as android phones.
It's not hard to join and they can lead you to all kinds of deals.

Even the old-schooled auctioneers admit that online auctions are the future of their business.

Auctioneer Mickey Fowler of Madison County learned to do an auction 35 years ago using that sing-song delivery of bids coming in.

Now, he'll tell you things have changed.

"I think online bidding is the future of the auction business," said Fowler.  "It's hard for me to say that because I was old school and I never thought we'd be off-site selling, but I think online auctions is one of those things we're gonna see in the future and we're gonna see more and more of it as we go along."

He says since his business, Fowler Auction and Real Estate, added online auctioning, business has increased 50 percent and his customers are saving quite a bit.

"I'd say it's saving them time, money, gas from running up and down the road," said Fowler.

There are quite a few virtual auctions you can join using a smart phone app.

For example, Tophatter conducts auctions 24 hours a day.  The only way to purchase items is by winning the high bid in a live auction.

The app display features a picture of the item for sale, an auctioneer, and a crowd of bidders who comment on the action.  The lots of items up for sale include jewelry, purses, cosmetics, sunglasses, and much more.

There's another app for iPhones that boasts selling fascinating objects from auctioneers in 40 countries.

You can leave a bid or bid live online in fine art, antiques, jewelry and collectibles  using the live auctions app.

Proxibid is another auction app.  The company says it has registered bidders from more than 180 countries, focussing on world-class online auctions since 2002.

You can watch the action through an app by Phillips.

There's no signup required to watch the excitement and energy of bidding from the salesroom.

If you want to bid, you'll have to register and get approved 24 hours in advance of the sale.

"You got a better advantage to hunt what you're looking for online," said Fowler.

In his auctions, buyers will find cars, trucks, office furniture, computers, and collectibles.

"You can save 50 cents on the dollar or a lot of times where if you had bought it retail, it would cost you a lot more money," he said.

Each of the apps mentioned are free apps.  There are also many more auction apps that aren't free.