Justin Hunter Still Missing Titans OTAs

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Former Tennessee Vols wide receiver Justin Hunter may be expected to be one of the bigger targets for Jake Locker this season.  The team drafted him in the second round, and in 2012, Hunter finished third in the league in receiving yards per game.

But Justin Hunter is currently recovering from a hamstring injury.  He's sat out OTAs and coach Mike Munchak says he may be sidelined until training camp.  But Munchak also says Hunter shouldn't have too many problems adjusting to the NFL, once he gets healthy.

When you watch, you may not see it as much as the players feel it, because things are happening in seconds, like adjustments and calls," said Mike Munchak, Titans head coach.  "So you hate that he's missing that, seeing the coverages, getting used to the quarterback, but we're going to have plenty of time obviously to get caught up with him. There's a handful of guys not practicing, so we have the same feeling toward all of them."