Trent Richardson and Mark Ingram Give NFL Advice to Eddie Lacy

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A lot has changed for former Alabama running back Eddie Lacy over the past six months. Following the Tide's domination over Notre Dame in January, Lacy decided to skip his senior season and enter the NFL draft. The Green Bay Packers selected the Louisiana native 61st overall hoping that he can contribute right away.

Despite all the changes in Lacy's life right now, leaning on his former teammates for advice remains the same. After the draft, Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson called Lacy with some words to live by.

"Just be careful with the people you hang around," Richardson said to Lacy. "Make sure you keep control of your money and other than that just make sure you go out there and play Alabama football."

Ingram echoed some of the same things saying "keep working hard and just stay focused," the Heisman trophy winner said at an autograph signing in Huntsville.

Clearly even after leaving the capstone, Alabama running backs like to stick together.