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WhosCall App Comes To iPhone

Just about everyone hates telemarketers. Especially when they call your cell phone. (How did they even get the number, right?)

If you’re looking to avoid unwanted phone calls… you might check out WhosCall. The app uses a database with more than 600 million phone numbers to filter incoming calls and texts – even those that aren’t stored in your contacts.

Originally for Android, the app is now available for the iPhone.

In addition to identifying numbers in real time, you can also block unwanted calls and SMS messages. There’s also a reverse number lookup.

According to TechCrunch, WhosCall’s database of numbers was “initially gathered from public sources like the Yellow Pages and the Google Place API, while others were added as more people began to use the app and report unwanted callers.”

The app’s developer, Taipei-based Gogolook, says its Android version has been downloaded over 3 million times.